Tom Hays


A731 - $245.00
twelve pounder Bormann ball in outstanding condition, the iron is super slick with virtually no pitting, it does have a couple of small impact dings on one side, the Bormann fuse is also in great shape, would be about impossible to upgrade

A730 - $40.00
Brass body from a Hotchkiss percussion fuse in very good condition, this was found several years ago in Middle TN

A729 - $295.00
Parrott 3.67", 20 Pounder, chill nose bolt in good condition, the iron has slight to moderate pitting it retains the brass ring sabot that was properly forced into the rabbetted base when fired, these were designed to be used against fortifications or ships and are a much lesser seen projectile

A728 - $395.00
Confederate 12 Pounder, Sideloader, case shot shell with the scarcer iron plug, the iron is strong and stable, has a clear mold seam, slight surface pitting, the sideloader plug does not show up well in the pictures but is clearly seen in person

A726 - $295.00
Here is a really cool find, a three inch schenkl shell that blew in two right where the tapered base meets the main body of the shell, there was a slight amount of the iron loss when it exploded so the two halves do not mate up perfectly, has the brass schenkl percussion fuse, you can still make out nearly all the schenkl patent info on it, also the anvil cap will unscrew allowing the slider to be removed, this was dug many years ago in the Atlanta area

A716 - $275.00
Complete three inch hotchkiss shell in very good shape, the iron is strong and stable with only minimal, uniform surface pitting, the lead sabot shows great rifling from when it was fired, the base cup is firmly attached, retains the brass time fuse adapter

A709 - $35.00
Here is a cool relic, the base knob off of a schenkl artillery shell, the iron is strong and stable